Finally The Real But Otherwise Sleeping YAPPERs Wake Up

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Finally there are YAPPERs coming in to this YAP Blog and giving their opinions.

Finally the once sleeping & oftentimes scared to attract attention, scared to be singled out & scared to be attacked ordinary YAPPER have awaken & found their voice.

You may not see them all yet on this blog, but believe me, my messages are full with comments from regular yappers just like you & me, who wants change, & change for the better.

Comments from yappers who just want to YAP in peace.

Of course I am not saying NOT to report blatant violations, I do that too, but only for those people who use really offensive words & those that malign & ridicule other people. Those I cannot accept, & one other thing I do not condone, for there are a few people who post YAP questions which are nothing more than MAIL-ORDER BRIDE ADS. Those are ridiculous, these & others like them are the only ones, that I believe, should be reported by all sensible YAPPERS. But stalking ordinary YAPPERS is just ridiculous.

Okay, again I will ask all those sensible Average Joe Yappers & Average Jane’s of course, who have sent me messages, who want to participate in these YAP discussions but want to remain anonymous, please create a new account, create a new Yahoo 360 page & so you can post your opinions in THIS SAFE FORUM.

YAP has become a very unsafe place to say anything that will stir a buzz.

Many people said in their messsages that they suspect me of being a troll.

My answer to that is I AM NOT.

I started as a visitor in YAP about a year ago & I sneeked in a few more times but in time, I grew to love being there.

And after I was suspended I tried NOT to come back, but I never thought it would be so hard.

But the thing is I WANT TO YAP IN PEACE!

I am not a troll, I am just a sensible person who wants to enjoy YAP.

I know that I am being attacked already on the assumption that I am troll.

And I know that there are many others out there in the YAP World that are like me, attacked for no apparent reason.

So I encourage you all to speak up, especially those that have send me messages, because you have really good ideas to share.

As I have said, just open another email & 360 page to participate in this YAP Blog anonymously, so nobody even I, would know who you really are.

And again to all stalkers & paparazzis you are very welcome to air your side in here.

God bless!

  1. tranquil says:

    Bravo, Japs. Only learned of this site when it was mentioned in the Q & A section of YAP. Thank you for the warm welcome. Hope that you will find the answers that you seek.

    Peace to all.

  2. Japs says:

    Hello Lady Tranquil, I see that you have been busy posting your comments. I thank you for that.
    And I’m well aware of the fact that as a regular YAPper it would be hard to resist NOT to participate in any YAP Forum, I hope that you will continue to do so over here. Thanks!

    But I know that there are alot of other regular YAPpers who would want to post their opinions/comments in here but are still hesitant.
    I hope in time, they can just come out in the open & express themselves. I hope we call all interact, communicate & maybe even connect & understand each other through an open forum such as this one.

    And I know the answers are out there, & I know you (the person reading this comment) have some knowledge of things that most other YAPpers don’t know about & even you might be the only YAPper out there that knows answers to some of the many YAP issues & concerns we are discussing in this forum. For the last half year or so, a number of YAPers have already started posting what they know, a few of them are still holding back on some of the finer details & a lot of you guys & gals are still contemplating.

    So for whatever reasons you might have, I value your decision & I know that when you are good & ready, you will pour it out in here or in YAP.

    More power to you, more power to YAP & more power to the Filipino People!

  3. Aref H says:

    Aye! Power to the People! To the Barricades!

    Friends, Romans, Yappers!

    Hear me for my cause! And be silent that you may hear! I have not come to bury the hatchet, but to draw it and slay everything that moves!

    You may see that I come to this Wake rather late. But I do intend to speak out. Only, my mouth is full at the moment with cookies, and they say it is impolite to whistle with pulboron in your mouth. But have patience till the end.

    I will honor the dead.

    But grant me the serenity, and the time, for this Blog is very long and my eyes are falling off, since it is past midnight here.

    So, let the Dead lay in Wake for a few more days more while I sleep. As they say, old fishermen never die. They just smell that way.

  4. Japs says:

    We will gladly welcome your mighty pen if not your mighty keyboard & mouse.
    Come back quickly, your audience awaits…

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