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Why Do You YAP? A YAP Survey

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I Just Asked This Q in YA Philippines, but in case it is reported again & deleted, here it is in this SAFE FORUM.

Why Do You YAP?

A. I Have Questions That I Know Can Be Answered in YA Philippines.

B. I Know The Answers To The Questions Normally Posted in YA Philippines & I Want To Share Them.

C. I Am A Filipino & I Love YA Philippines.

D. I Love The Philippines.

E. I Am Addicted To YA Philippines.

F. I Have My Own Selfish Reasons & I Do Not Want To Share Them.

G. I Have Other Reasons & they are _______________

Here’s the link to the YAP Q:;_ylt=AsGygob3eRl8ZlHuqS2JYeTsy6IX;_yl…

Finally there are YAPPERs coming in to this YAP Blog and giving their opinions.

Finally the once sleeping & oftentimes scared to attract attention, scared to be singled out & scared to be attacked ordinary YAPPER have awaken & found their voice.

You may not see them all yet on this blog, but believe me, my messages are full with comments from regular yappers just like you & me, who wants change, & change for the better.

Comments from yappers who just want to YAP in peace.

Of course I am not saying NOT to report blatant violations, I do that too, but only for those people who use really offensive words & those that malign & ridicule other people. Those I cannot accept, & one other thing I do not condone, for there are a few people who post YAP questions which are nothing more than MAIL-ORDER BRIDE ADS. Those are ridiculous, these & others like them are the only ones, that I believe, should be reported by all sensible YAPPERS. But stalking ordinary YAPPERS is just ridiculous.

Okay, again I will ask all those sensible Average Joe Yappers & Average Jane’s of course, who have sent me messages, who want to participate in these YAP discussions but want to remain anonymous, please create a new account, create a new Yahoo 360 page & so you can post your opinions in THIS SAFE FORUM.

YAP has become a very unsafe place to say anything that will stir a buzz.

Many people said in their messsages that they suspect me of being a troll.

My answer to that is I AM NOT.

I started as a visitor in YAP about a year ago & I sneeked in a few more times but in time, I grew to love being there.

And after I was suspended I tried NOT to come back, but I never thought it would be so hard.

But the thing is I WANT TO YAP IN PEACE!

I am not a troll, I am just a sensible person who wants to enjoy YAP.

I know that I am being attacked already on the assumption that I am troll.

And I know that there are many others out there in the YAP World that are like me, attacked for no apparent reason.

So I encourage you all to speak up, especially those that have send me messages, because you have really good ideas to share.

As I have said, just open another email & 360 page to participate in this YAP Blog anonymously, so nobody even I, would know who you really are.

And again to all stalkers & paparazzis you are very welcome to air your side in here.

God bless!