YAPPERS, Introduce Yourself, While Still Being Anonymous.

Posted: February 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am inviting all YAPPERs to introduce themselves by commenting to this blog post & I will start the ball rolling by putting down some information about myself.

To those that wish to be anonymous they can open a new Yahoo account & a new 360 Page & use that to click on the Comments link below.

So, okay to start the ball rolling.

I am Japs, yes real people call me by that name.

I will not give out my entire name but I will say that I am a Filipino, well used to be one, now I’m an Amboy.

I am now currently based in LA, California, go LAKERS.

I love basketball as well as many other sports. I was also involved in the Martial Arts for about 3-4 years & would love to go back to the gym, except for the fact that I got an injury, two injuries actually, during the old days of real sparring, yes back in the day. I can still do Taebo or kickboxing but only with a punching bag.

I love food. I love Filipino food but I also adore Japanese, Thai, Italian, Greek, Mediterrean, Middle-East Asian, Indian, and almost any type of food I will try at least once.

I am in my late 30s. I used to reside in the Philippines and have travelled to many parts of the islands. I basically grew up in Metro Manila & in the surrounding provinces. You can take me anywhere in Metro Manila & its nearby provinces & I can get my way around & not get lost. Well not anymore. Because now I go around the streets of LA.

I graduated from a University in Manila, I opened up a business of my own almost right after college & have been in & out of business for about 12-13 years now.

I am a Jack of all trades sort of guy & I can easily adapt to any environment or situation. But I have to add that I am not a Master of any trade. I am in the process of starting a business over here in America and I have been in YAP since the middle of last year, 2007.

I love YAP & would want to see it be a showcase of the great qualities of the Filipino people & their unique potential for greatness. I also would want to see YAP be a safe forum for potential visitors to the country to ask questions about anything & everything about travelling to the Philippines.

I YAP because I believe in the Philippines & would want to go home but because of certain circumstances I cannot just yet, but I will. And I haven’t been back home in years & some days YAPPING can be the only remedy to my homesickness. And besides giving out answers in YAP feels good in the inside as well.

Okay, that’s me in a nutshell. So any visitor to this page, can send me a message or email me any more question if they want to know more. And in case you want to add me as a friend, you can do so at this link: http://360.yahoo.com/profile-sN80JK47erZb5BZ.rjk-?cq=1

[Actually I can now accept friends here now too. I’m guessing they have fixed that bug, so you can add me if you want, thanks.]

So again I am inviting all YAPPERs to come out & tell a little more about yourself in here.

I am not trying to hide anything from you guys, so I am coming up with my info.

Will you give yours next?

Thank you.

  1. tisya728 says:

    hello japs,im tisya filipina married with 2 kids and turning 40 this july..ithink all my info is all posted in my yahoo 360.anyways goodluck to your career and happy yapping..have a nice day!

  2. anna m says:

    hey japs! : ) skipper here. you’ve tagged me right? hmm, so, here are my 5 skipper facts:
    1: im a private person. i like being alone as im always stirring up something in my head(ie. a new script, conceptualizing for a new play..etc)
    2. i love my friends & am super proud of them. i have few, but i have the best : )
    3. im a workaholic.
    4. im a happy person.
    5. i love YAPping 🙂

    i tag you : )

  3. Japs says:

    Thanks to the people who have responded so far & introduced themselves in this forum, I really appreciate them.

    To debbie, I would like to go visit your xanga page, but I will not do any stalking, LOL. I know how hard it is to be a working student, in my college days I was one myself. & at certain lengths of time I was also juggling between 2-3 businesses or even working 2-3 jobs at the same time. But I had mellowed down a bit.

    To tisya, I will also visit your page & thank you for the lovely message.

    To skipper, you have a nice name, & I didn’t know we have so many things in common, such as storylines running inside up there. I used to be a workaholic but not anymore, that is why I hire only the best or at least people better than me & my other business partners, LOL. I am a joyful person as well & I had grown to love yapping, to the point that I want it to be free for each & everyone to express their opinions but within the bounds of decency & morality.

  4. Pflad.... says:

    hi im pau =) … hmm… what more…hmm…..

  5. maej says:

    h! people, Maej here.

    I chose barrio lass as a nickname in YAP ’cause I am really a barrio lass at heart. I enjoy all the simple pleasures in life… watching the sunset, staring on a full moon, looking for small and big dipper, etc., the things that most people nowadays tend to neglect.

    You can tell what kind of person I really am through my Q&As. I don’t need to be mysterious, I am simply being me.

    I love YAP because I love asking questions and see how people to such matters, it’s fun. To be able to know the real persona of people behind all those avatars..

    I am not really a friendly person and I only have three friends in yap(though I consider all YAPpers as my friends, including trolls, yeah, even Well and GRO, I mean, their answers and questions sometimes deserve a second thought. I thought of them as our critics…). These three friends, are the ones I chat with outside YAP.

    What else? oh, okay, I’m on my mid-twenties and I am still searching for a definite place under the sun.

    thank you for this place JAPS.

    take care.

  6. Len says:

    hi japs, sorry i’m late. busy-busyhan!! he he.. hays, clumsy me! paki delete ung sa taas pls (excited ang len nag post comment agad la namang comment?!)

    those closest to my heart call me Len :))
    occupation: dakilang maybahay, domestic goddess and mommy to the nth power.

    parang wala naman ako gaano nai share? ask me na lang kung me gusto ka malaman about me. sasagot ako…..next year???

  7. Mr. Quickie says:

    HEllo, I’m Mr. Quickie and I am an alcoholic. *hic *hic

  8. Japs says:

    To pau, maej, len & Mr. Q-welcome!!!

    Thank you for your comments & I hope this is will be a start towards more Yappers chatting about YAP Related Talk in this forum. And maybe even start a YAP Group or a means to start to organize a YAP Party. Again, thanks!

    To len, I deleted your blank comment. & silly me, I was still typing this comment when I did it & so I lost that comment. So don’t feel bad I might be clumsier than you are. LOL.

    To Mr. Q-correct me if I’m wrong, are you related to the Simpsons?

  9. Len says:

    aw! should i say “welcome to the clumsy club!”? So far we have 3 members: myself, papa chuck (who committed the same mistake as mine), and you!

    now i know that we can blame not only our foot-size for our clumsiness, but also our hands!!

    pls check this link…


  10. Mr. Quickie says:

    Oh no, I don’t get how you thought of me being related to the simpsons. If it’s based on the avatar, try playing the nintendo wii and try creating a mii on the wii. That is where i came from!

    I like posting in this section. A pretty woman is always on top of me here. hahahahaahahaha

  11. Japs says:

    Okay helen, We have our own YAP Clumsy Club. And yes I cannot blame it on my big feet.

    To Mr. Q.-I agree a lot of Pretty Women come here often now. And really good looking gentemen as well. Anyway the Simpsons comment was because you said you were *hic* *hic* had too much to drink. And I just remembered the Yapper with the Simpson’s dad avatar. So just wanted to ask you that. I wonder where jongbong is? hmmm

  12. Mr. Quickie says:

    To answer your question, “I wonder where jongbong is?”, I have a hunch he is already active at YAP using a different character. I would not go as far as naming the character because it is, after all, just a HUNCH and I perceive him to be a harmless character.

    That jongbong character RELIGIOUSLY uses zzzz … beer … zzzz in his questions and answers. Try to figure out who in YAP today has a trademark “slogan” in his questions and answers and email me if you have a guess! I’ll also tell you mine if you tell me yours! hahahahahahaha

    *pls delete the other post. there was a typo above! (a number of people who post here seem to be bitten by the clumsy bug, including ME! hahahahahahahaha

  13. Japs says:

    Mr Q. I have added you as the 4th member of the YAP Clumsy Club.

    I have also deleted your other post.

    And again calling jongbong, if you are already with us in YAP can you comment & let all your waiting YAP fans know.

  14. Aref H says:

    My name is Nobody. I am Younger Than Springtime.

    Is this Wonderland I stumbled into?

    Well, if this is, I’m sorry to say I’m not Alice!

    I am a malignant tumor crying to spread, and this looks a good place to spread havoc! Let me warn ALL of you now that I intend to disprove your very existence!

    If only I could remember my Rene Discartes!

    So, where are the cookies? Am hungry!

  15. debbie says:

    Japs pa delete naman nung una kong comment. Pwede? Papalitan ko… salamat

  16. debbie says:

    hello! you can call me Deb and I want to be a teacher sa high school. I’m short but that’s okay. yun lang. Thank you.

  17. lennie says:

    Hi, Japs. You know where to find info about me, Y 360. Just like you, I have never been back home. But I hope to in two years, my
    class from kindergarten to high school is having the golden reunion. I grew up in a place called Fernando Air Base in Lipa City,
    Batangas, my dad, being a military pilot. How i miss the place.

    It is a pleasure getting to know you. Have a nice day.

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