Just As I Was Starting To Believe In…

Posted: February 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Just as I was beginning to believe that I can find a way to we get a glimpse into the intricate mind of a stalker, well in this case, a paparazzi… and then something so predictable happens.

For indeed, whoever has been reporting all & I mean all of my questions, is definitely and certifiably a paparazzi, I am nobody in YAP, I am not even a YAP Top Gun for Pete’s sake. And all I need to know is why?

Why? Why? Why? Delilah?

It is just sad.

Well, anyway this forum is still open to all and any type of stalker and to each and every paparazzi who patrol the streets of YAP–especially to those who, day in & day, check out each & every question & each & every answer.

This safe forum is also open to those who would not thumb up (TU) what would normally be excellent answers. And lastly this is also open to those who without batting an eyelash would thumb down (TD) any answer without any apparent logical reason.

Well, at least to my simple mind I do not know the reason, but to the mind of a complex stalker, the reasons are obvious and various.

And so again, today I am making my plea for all concerned stalkers to please respond to these blog postings & tell their side of the story. Everybody else is waiting to hear from the heart, soul & mind of a stalker, if not a paparazzi.

And this is really a safe forum for any stalker would definitely know that they can easily open a new yahoo account & thus create a new Yahoo 360 account.

So there is no reason for any stalker not to do so today.

So why not do it today, start one & then come back to this Yahoo 360 Page & to these blogs which I have time & time again said, is meant to be a open forum for all Yappers, even to those that wishes to stay anonymous.

So everybody’s waiting… right here.

“At puede rin tayong magtagalog dito mga kabayan, walang guidelines guidelines dito mga pare at mare.

Ang hindi lang puede ay mga bastos na mga salita, puede rin, kaso mag hunos-dili naman tayo mga kapatid.

Kaya’t sali na!”

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