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I am inviting all YAPPERs to introduce themselves by commenting to this blog post & I will start the ball rolling by putting down some information about myself.

To those that wish to be anonymous they can open a new Yahoo account & a new 360 Page & use that to click on the Comments link below.

So, okay to start the ball rolling.

I am Japs, yes real people call me by that name.

I will not give out my entire name but I will say that I am a Filipino, well used to be one, now I’m an Amboy.

I am now currently based in LA, California, go LAKERS.

I love basketball as well as many other sports. I was also involved in the Martial Arts for about 3-4 years & would love to go back to the gym, except for the fact that I got an injury, two injuries actually, during the old days of real sparring, yes back in the day. I can still do Taebo or kickboxing but only with a punching bag.

I love food. I love Filipino food but I also adore Japanese, Thai, Italian, Greek, Mediterrean, Middle-East Asian, Indian, and almost any type of food I will try at least once.

I am in my late 30s. I used to reside in the Philippines and have travelled to many parts of the islands. I basically grew up in Metro Manila & in the surrounding provinces. You can take me anywhere in Metro Manila & its nearby provinces & I can get my way around & not get lost. Well not anymore. Because now I go around the streets of LA.

I graduated from a University in Manila, I opened up a business of my own almost right after college & have been in & out of business for about 12-13 years now.

I am a Jack of all trades sort of guy & I can easily adapt to any environment or situation. But I have to add that I am not a Master of any trade. I am in the process of starting a business over here in America and I have been in YAP since the middle of last year, 2007.

I love YAP & would want to see it be a showcase of the great qualities of the Filipino people & their unique potential for greatness. I also would want to see YAP be a safe forum for potential visitors to the country to ask questions about anything & everything about travelling to the Philippines.

I YAP because I believe in the Philippines & would want to go home but because of certain circumstances I cannot just yet, but I will. And I haven’t been back home in years & some days YAPPING can be the only remedy to my homesickness. And besides giving out answers in YAP feels good in the inside as well.

Okay, that’s me in a nutshell. So any visitor to this page, can send me a message or email me any more question if they want to know more. And in case you want to add me as a friend, you can do so at this link:

[Actually I can now accept friends here now too. I’m guessing they have fixed that bug, so you can add me if you want, thanks.]

So again I am inviting all YAPPERs to come out & tell a little more about yourself in here.

I am not trying to hide anything from you guys, so I am coming up with my info.

Will you give yours next?

Thank you.

Just as I was beginning to believe that I can find a way to we get a glimpse into the intricate mind of a stalker, well in this case, a paparazzi… and then something so predictable happens.

For indeed, whoever has been reporting all & I mean all of my questions, is definitely and certifiably a paparazzi, I am nobody in YAP, I am not even a YAP Top Gun for Pete’s sake. And all I need to know is why?

Why? Why? Why? Delilah?

It is just sad.

Well, anyway this forum is still open to all and any type of stalker and to each and every paparazzi who patrol the streets of YAP–especially to those who, day in & day, check out each & every question & each & every answer.

This safe forum is also open to those who would not thumb up (TU) what would normally be excellent answers. And lastly this is also open to those who without batting an eyelash would thumb down (TD) any answer without any apparent logical reason.

Well, at least to my simple mind I do not know the reason, but to the mind of a complex stalker, the reasons are obvious and various.

And so again, today I am making my plea for all concerned stalkers to please respond to these blog postings & tell their side of the story. Everybody else is waiting to hear from the heart, soul & mind of a stalker, if not a paparazzi.

And this is really a safe forum for any stalker would definitely know that they can easily open a new yahoo account & thus create a new Yahoo 360 account.

So there is no reason for any stalker not to do so today.

So why not do it today, start one & then come back to this Yahoo 360 Page & to these blogs which I have time & time again said, is meant to be a open forum for all Yappers, even to those that wishes to stay anonymous.

So everybody’s waiting… right here.

“At puede rin tayong magtagalog dito mga kabayan, walang guidelines guidelines dito mga pare at mare.

Ang hindi lang puede ay mga bastos na mga salita, puede rin, kaso mag hunos-dili naman tayo mga kapatid.

Kaya’t sali na!”