Posted: February 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

Do you believe in milestones? As in an important event in one’s life?

I wanted to ask this Q in YAP but in doing so I know that YA needs to subtract 5 points and I do not want that to happen because, today can be considered a milestone in my YAP life, if not my second YAP Life.

And this is because today, I have reached 1,000 points. Yahoo!

And although this is the second time I have done it, for as you well know my first account got unceremoniously suspended and because I did not appeal it on time, I lost all hope of a recovery–so I had to start at zero; and in doing so, to me this is still an achievement.

Although I know that if you look at the YAP Leader Board I posted in yesterday’s blog, you can see Top Gun YAPPERs with 20,000+ points, 30,000+ points, and those are just amazing feats which to me are just mind-boggling.

Anyway, I still consider reaching 1 thousand points in YA a milestone, for just a few weeks ago I have already given up on being a YAPPER. But as you all know I was gone for about a month & now I am back.

So see you all in YAP & here in Yahoo 360.

Although, I am still waiting for any Paparazzi to respond or leave a comment in any of the blog postings & just air their side of the story. As we all know that we can discuss anything in here without fear & worry.

Lastly, you all know, all other types of YAPPERs are also welcome here.

  1. Rodelette says:

    Japs i know the secret in getting the 30,000 points hehehe When you reach level 5 you can answer all you want, answering in another category helps too. if you stay in YAP just watching and answering only Qs you want. you won’t get that far.

  2. Japs says:

    Good points Rodelette. I only stay in YAP & answer selected qs. And I am not even aware that there is a level that you can reach so that you can answer all you want. I have read most of the help screens in YA but I forgot most of them already so it’s good when somebody else steps up to tell us. Thanks for sharing!

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