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Do you believe in milestones? As in an important event in one’s life?

I wanted to ask this Q in YAP but in doing so I know that YA needs to subtract 5 points and I do not want that to happen because, today can be considered a milestone in my YAP life, if not my second YAP Life.

And this is because today, I have reached 1,000 points. Yahoo!

And although this is the second time I have done it, for as you well know my first account got unceremoniously suspended and because I did not appeal it on time, I lost all hope of a recovery–so I had to start at zero; and in doing so, to me this is still an achievement.

Although I know that if you look at the YAP Leader Board I posted in yesterday’s blog, you can see Top Gun YAPPERs with 20,000+ points, 30,000+ points, and those are just amazing feats which to me are just mind-boggling.

Anyway, I still consider reaching 1 thousand points in YA a milestone, for just a few weeks ago I have already given up on being a YAPPER. But as you all know I was gone for about a month & now I am back.

So see you all in YAP & here in Yahoo 360.

Although, I am still waiting for any Paparazzi to respond or leave a comment in any of the blog postings & just air their side of the story. As we all know that we can discuss anything in here without fear & worry.

Lastly, you all know, all other types of YAPPERs are also welcome here.