Let Us Take A Look At The YAP Leader Board

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

As I have mentioned previously, there are several types of YAPPERs,

  • the Top Guns
  • the TCs
  • the Regulars
  • the Occasionals
  • the Visitors

The Top Guns are usually those that can be found in the YAP Top Ten Leader Board, and usually they are also TCs or Top Contributor Badge Holders.

Below we can have a closer look at the present YAP Leader Board (YAPs Who’s Who)

Top Answerers in Philippines (As of today):

1. agua ♥ dulce TC- Philippines
Member since: February 24, 2007
Total points: 27,958 (Level 7)

2. Felicity

Member since: March 28, 2007
Total points: 35,310 (Level 7)

3. jan-na~♥~

Member since: March 16, 2007
Total points: 14,903 (Level 6)

4. Ŗode|ette TC- Philippines
Member since: December 17, 2006
Total points: 13,136 (Level 6)

5. Bopols on leave TC- Philippines
Member since: June 28, 2007
Total points: 11,951 (Level 6)

6. doyin

Member since: September 20, 2006
Total points: 12,462 (Level 6)

7. battgirl TC- Philippines
Member since: January 19, 2007
Total points: 14,144 (Level 6)

8. sweetwater TC- Philippines, Mathematics
Member since: April 02, 2007
Total points: 13,307 (Level 6)

9. kahlan nynaeve TC- Philippines
Member since: July 11, 2007
Total points: 8,141 (Level 5)

10. Aref H4 TC- Philippines
Member since: July 18, 2007
Total points: 9,873 (Level 5)

But before I forget there is also another type of YAPPER but they are virtual unknowns, although they are just as popular if not more popular than any of the Top Guns. But infamous is a better term.

And to this last group I gave the name Paparazzi*. If only all of them can come out of the open & reveal themselves & stop being closet queens, then we can have a TOP TEN PAPARAZZI LEADER BOARD, besides what is YAP going to be without them.

It just seems that all of them are all shy to reveal themselves.

They know that they cannot reveal themselves in YAP but they can come out of the open in here, I just don’t know why they wouldn’t want to & give their side of the story.

I am still waiting…

* Paparazzi is a term I coined & explained fully in earlier postings. But this type is not the same as a Troll**. Although it can & may include Trolls, Gremlins or whatever name they go by. Paparazzis are specifically YAPPERS who go about checking up on any YAPPER & read all their Q & As, maybe thumbing down (TDing) many or all them. But their main interest is to just report any & all YA violations.

**Trolls are all around us too, but I have not included them on the list because to be one is against YA Guidelines.

  1. Papa Chuck says:

    May have to comment about this tomorrow.

  2. Japs says:

    Thanks Rodelette. I was thinking of putting up a blog about the other leaderboards but I see that you have it on your page already.

    But I’ll try to see if I can do so in the future.

    I will post a link to your blog below:

  3. Japs says:

    I did this short blog for the otherboards.

    And for those who have missed it, here is the link:

  4. Isayy says:

    guRlMember since: May 04, 2006 5,273 points

    Level 5

    It seems I’m the oldest one here!:)

    Best answer

  5. Isayy says:

    Member since: May 04, 2006 5,273 points
    Seems that I am the oldest one here althogh I’m not Topgun or troll or something..

  6. Isayy says:

    Member since: May 04, 2006 5,273 points
    Seems that I am the oldest one here althogh I’m not Topgun or troll or something..

  7. Japs says:

    Welcome! Thanks for participating…
    We might have to put up a new blog post to find out who is the first YAPper to join YA.

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