The Paparazzis Are So Predictable

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

If you are a regular at YAP you would know that there are Paparazzis patrolling it’s dark streets and alleys, just waiting to prey on any unsuspecting YAPPER.

And as expected, I get my 3rd Q in a row reported.

And again, apparently for chatting… chatting my behind. Now who ever was reporting me is officially on YA’s radar.

For you see, we set up this sting, wherein we were waiting for this 3rd report.

And as you all know, I normally ask about one Q a week,

so first week, reported for chatting.

2nd week, reported for chatting.

3rd week, again reported for chatting.

And now they struck out.

YA now knows of this stalking activity, especially in YAP.

I am happy now. But I am still waiting for a reply… how long must I wait to get a paparazzi’s side on all this.


  1. Madame Prez says:

    Hey I have an idea. Why not post a Q asking the reporters/stalkers/harassers not to come out but TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO VOICE OUT ANONYMOUSLY. How? ask a Q and tell them to give TD if they agree or TU if they disagree. TD’s and TU’s would not reveal their identities but it can be used as a tool for them to be heard. Maybe they are just frustrated about something but they cannot voice it out as themselves. (hopefully this troll account of mine won’t get suspended tomorrow so i can continue to talk about this.)

  2. Japs says:

    Finally a comment.
    Thank you Madame Prez.
    I will await further comments from you.
    And you have a good idea there, I will try to construct an appropriate Q when I have the time, thanks.

    As I have said time & time again, this is an open forum for all YAPPERs. So just jump in & join in the discussions.

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