How Long Must I Wait?

Posted: February 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

I asked a question in YAP & the questions went like this:

1. Do you know that “chatting” is a YA violation?

2. Do you know that any question you can ask in YAP can be reported as a violation because of “chatting”?

3. Do you know that because we cannot go into a detailed discussion of anything especially “chatting” in YA, we can discuss it in another Yahoo forum such as in Yahoo 360?

4. Do you want to discuss this type of violation in my Yahoo 360 Page?

And as of this writing, I have received great answers, & one that I would want to note below. But because we cannot discuss anything in YA, I will start a discussion here in 360.

Here is one of the answers:

“Yes I suppose any question can be reported under pretext of chatting, but Yahoo will be the judge, not the users. I think it’s intentional that there’s no rigid definition of “chatting” – for latitude, to allow for flexibility in interpretation.”

That is a great answer, & indeed it is this unlimited flexibility of interpretation of the term “chatting”, which is being abused is the reason why I have been reported three times now.

And as I see it, any kind of question can be reported as chatting, and even adding one detail to your question, would in fact be interpreted as “chatting” and be a violation. So how can one be really safe to ask something, anything?

  1. shirley g says:


  2. Japs says:

    I like this forever, better:

  3. shirley g says:

    Thanks for the video. Here’s a better link.

  4. Japs says:

    I agree SG, thanks.

    Here’s one more:

  5. shirley g says:

    Haaaaaay… i love Kenny Loggins and i love that song too. Pero, ano nangyari kay Kenny? He looks like a carpenter pulled out from work to stand and sing in front of an audience… he he he. Anyways, he’s great in the video. Thanks uli.

  6. Japs says:


    Your welcome SG.

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