Posted: February 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

The YA Chatting Violation is probably the most widely reported violation in YAP if not in the whole YA world.

But the thing is that almost any question and answer can be reported as chatting. And in so doing, it looks so ridiculous.

Why? Because of the inherent nature of YA’s Questions and Answers format.

One, you have to ask a question. Second, you have to say something to reply.

So isn’t both of those involve some sort of chatting? Aren’t we sane enough to distinguish the real reason why there is a “chatting” guideline in the first place instead or abusing the right to report someone who supposedly is chatting???

Do tell me.

Anyway I am on my nth chatting violation in as many weeks.

And I am writing this blog post to publicly DARE those that have reported me to be man enough, or woman enough if that is the case, to reply to this post and do tell me the REASON for this scandalous and malicious reporting. It is just so childish, especially if the ones doing it are basically just hiding under the cloak of anonymity.

But enough is enough, I’m out here in the open,so just come out and tell me your side of the story. I am not the type to retaliate, I just want to know your side of the story.

I’ll wait…


(Of course paparazzi’s do know that they can comment here anonymously, all they need to do is to open a new account & use that to post all their comments. But until today, nada, so the only other reason I can think of, of why they are not posting is that they are chickening out & we wouldn’t want that to come out in the open would we?)

  1. einchen says:

    Omg, I thought I’m the only one being reported for such.
    For the record, I never reported you nor anyone for any kind of violation in the Y! Answers community.
    Cyber “paparazzis” are way off sometimes.
    Y! Answers is not the best forum to exchange views. That’s sad.

  2. kenneth o says:

    I do understand why there must be rules in y/a just as there are in any aspect of society!however I feel that unfortionatly most reporters use at best, bad judgement or even worse to feel empowered for a brief moment in their other wise sorry pitiful lifes,hmmm in fact just writing this gives me more understanding and tolerance,nuf said

  3. Android says:

    Yup, you’re right. This is the most prevalent violation in the entire Y Answers galaxy. Everyone’s guilty. I think that the Chatting violation is one of the rules that the Y Answers community guidelines authors themselves are not even sure of.

  4. lennie says:

    But there are some who have chatting privileges, specially female bloggers. I can name some but I do not want to stir up a
    commotion. It is better to leave them alone or I will get suspended.

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