The Paparazzis Are Coming

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well they haven’t really left YAP.

Paparazzis is a term I coined that refers to certain YAPPERs who, on the surface appear like regular YAPPERs but beneath the exterior lies a sinister dark skin.

Anyway, the reason I coined this term is because on the second week that I have become a regular YAPPER I noticed that there was a “Paparazzi” that have methodically gone through my list of answers and had started thumbing down (TDing) them one by one.

And yes I was online at the time and I was literally seeing it before my eyes as the TDs were coming one after another, down my list of answers. So I went into action and made my info private. And then the TDs stopped, after that, of course, I found that little episode quite amusing.

Then about six months of being a regular YAPPER I was finally awarded a TC Badge, the orange Top Contributor Badge. And like clockwork, the Paparazzis were at work again, this time reporting any “supposedly” violation that I did. Do not get me wrong there are indeed a lot of violators in YAP, both unknowingly & on purpose. But my “supposed” violations were all off-the-charts crazy.

I didn’t know any better back then, and I wasn’t appealing any of them supposed violations, hence, my trip to Suspension Island. But all in all, it was a welcome break though.

And that’s all in the past and now I am back.

And since coming back and a week after earning another TC Badge, again the Paparazzis are striking once more.

Well, at least they are as predictable as ever. I just hope that they are getting something out of being a Paparazzi. If ever we can just get their side of the story.


  1. tranquil says:

    Hmm, you posted this blog since February yet (a day before Valentine’s and no response until now).

    Here is my understanding of the paparazzis, on the reason for the report/s:


    • Reported – person whose answer received any or all of the following: thumbs down, deletion or violation notice.

    • Paparazzi – to quote Japs “refers to certain Yappers who, on the surface appear like regular Yappers, but beneath the exterior lies a sinister dark skin”.

    1. The reported is a threat (real or perceived) to the paparazzi, if allowed to continue.

    The paparazzi may:
    • risk losing the Top Contributor badge,
    • lose the attention that s/he is currently enjoying to the reportee,
    • lose credibility because of the reported’s depth of knowledge on the subject.

    2. The reported is, for some reason, disagreeable to the paparazzi.

    Some possible reasons are:

    • difference in opinion that was strongly stated which placed the paparazzi (intentional or not) in an uncomfortable position; known as “napahiya” or humiliated.
    • difference in opinion that the paparazzi finds annoying because the opinion came from someone that the paparazzi holds a grudge on; known as “kinaiinisan” or cause of irritation. It is unimportant to the paparazzi if the data given was valid. The sole goal of the paparazzi is to eliminate the “irritant”.

    3. The paparazzi finds pleasure in the anonymity of placing a thumbs down vote and/or reporting and seeing the reported’s statement and/or account vanish; known as “napag-tripan” or harassed just for kicks.

    ►Those that wish to correct these ideas, please post your reasons here.

  2. Japs says:

    Thank you Tranquil, I was afraid that SG was beginning to be right, when she commented that we might need to wait “Forever” to get a glimpse of the “Paparazzi” side.–?cq=1&p=11

    And given the reasons you have given & when you try to look at it from their side, one can start to understand.
    Thanks for sharing Tranquil.

  3. tranquil says:

    You are welcome, Japs.

  4. Lizzie Anne says:

    …I doubt it if this can be termed as deja vu.. i’ll settle for this statement : I am Japs, reincarnated. 🙂 hehehe

  5. lennie says:

    This is a good site you have made. Wow, no thumbs down for my opinion, isn’t that great? I give you a star for this.

  6. Android says:

    Hmmm… I have a grin on my face… Could it be that the Paparazzis have made Y Answers a career of sorts. I was awarded my first TC after two months of YAPing. Everything’s fine until I began to receive violation notice after violation notice. Then, I lost the TC. I was saddened, of course. I thought it was weird because I have been using the same formats. Quite strange.

    After I regained the TC badge, here comes the violation notices again. I find it very funny and amusing that a certain group in the YAP category is out to get me. Now, I know to be very mindful of my actions in YAP. I have sent an appeal to the people at Yahoo regarding this. I don’t know how they’re going to view it, it may just end up in my account being reviewed, but I wouldn’t really care.

  7. yappers says:

    >Lizzie Anne
    I’m smiling but I know at the time it wasn’t funny at all. LOL, but now we can sit here & laugh about it all…

    Thanks, I’ll take them all…
    But this is only as good as the visitors who come read & who take time to leave messages and discuss relavant YAP issues, concerns & problems.

    There is a Filipino term for that “pana-panahon lang” or “weather weather lang”, there is a season for everything & unfortunately it’s your turn to be “stalked”.
    In the end though, I still am confident that Yahoo Answers personnel would be able to help out the stalked, the harrassed & the bullied ones in YAP.

    And Wrestler said in his latest comment, Jonas would surely help out if you send him an email.

    Have a great day guys!!!

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