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The Paparazzis Are Coming

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well they haven’t really left YAP.

Paparazzis is a term I coined that refers to certain YAPPERs who, on the surface appear like regular YAPPERs but beneath the exterior lies a sinister dark skin.

Anyway, the reason I coined this term is because on the second week that I have become a regular YAPPER I noticed that there was a “Paparazzi” that have methodically gone through my list of answers and had started thumbing down (TDing) them one by one.

And yes I was online at the time and I was literally seeing it before my eyes as the TDs were coming one after another, down my list of answers. So I went into action and made my info private. And then the TDs stopped, after that, of course, I found that little episode quite amusing.

Then about six months of being a regular YAPPER I was finally awarded a TC Badge, the orange Top Contributor Badge. And like clockwork, the Paparazzis were at work again, this time reporting any “supposedly” violation that I did. Do not get me wrong there are indeed a lot of violators in YAP, both unknowingly & on purpose. But my “supposed” violations were all off-the-charts crazy.

I didn’t know any better back then, and I wasn’t appealing any of them supposed violations, hence, my trip to Suspension Island. But all in all, it was a welcome break though.

And that’s all in the past and now I am back.

And since coming back and a week after earning another TC Badge, again the Paparazzis are striking once more.

Well, at least they are as predictable as ever. I just hope that they are getting something out of being a Paparazzi. If ever we can just get their side of the story.