There is Justice In YAP after all

Posted: February 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

To regular YAPPERs or to those that generally visit the Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines Section, they will be all too familiar with what I am about to say here.

But to those who aren’t, I will give a short backgrounder.

YAP or Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines is a forum where peoples from all over the world & not just Filipinos can visit & come together to ask and answer questions regarding travelling to the Philippines & anything under the sun basically.

And generally YAP have a variety of regulars, there are the TOP GUNs who are usually the ones always in the TOP TEN Leader Board, the TC — Top Contributor Badge holders, who some are included in the TOP GUNs and are really exemptional YAPPERs, the regular YAPPERs, the occasional YAPPERs and the YAP visitors.

I started as a visitor in the middle of last year, 2007 and in time became a regular YAPPER. Because for one, I am a Filipino living abroad and at times I was homesick enough and needed something, someone, somehow to connect with my country, my countrymen & to be informed with what has been happening there in the Philippines.

And secondly I also grew to love giving out information regarding my knowledge of the Philippines & also be part of showing potential travellers to the country what to expect & what not to expect if they do plan to visit the country.

Anyway, I might have ruffled a few feathers over in YAP for a few days since I started YAPping I started to have a stalker. Somebody who would Thumbdown, TD all my answers there. As in, what did I do wrong?

And then I started getting reported for ridiculous violations of Yahoo Answers guidelines. As in again, what???

And then some 6-7 months into being a regular YAPPER I got my TC. So I was now officially a Top Contributor of YAP. But it was short lived for one week after, I was reported for another violation.

And then a week after that, the ax–suspension. Hence this new Page & this new Blog.

Anyway, I tried my best to stay out from YAP after that but after a month I was back to being a regular again. And of course, after a week, I was being reported for violations again.

Now some few weeks after, I am still hanging on & this week I got my TC BADGE back.

Yes, there is JUSTICE in YAP after all.

See you all in YAP!


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