Bayang Magiliw

Posted: February 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

If you are a Filipino you should be very well familiar with the Philippine National Anthem.

Because you probably have sang it more than a thousand times and the bulk of it was during your growing years at your school’s Flag Ceremonies.

And if you are like the average Pinoy, you know this anthem as “Bayang Magiliw”.

Although by now you should be aware that it is called “Lupang Hinirang”. Yes, FYI.

Today, I decided to blog about “Bayang Magiliw” because I found myself reading it nostalgically in a book that I have picked up.

If you are a Global Pinoy, or if you are an OFW or an immigrant living in another country for at least five years, then you would be nostalgic too.

And when you remember how many times you have sang this anthem and you realize that you have done so, so many times without really putting what you are saying to heart, you start to feel sad and unpatriotic.

But there is one thing that I did find out today. It is that the average Global Pinoy has been made more nationalistic by being away from the Philippines for a long time or for long stretches of time.

And when they do finally sing “Lupang Hinirang”, now they can honestly say that there is indeed no place like home. At the same time, when one’s Filipino identity and heritage is being attacked in their presence while they are abroad, they can proudly say that “Pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo.”

Go Pinoy!

Lupang Hinirang, Julian Felipe, June 12, 1898

Bayang Magiliw, Perlas ng Silanganan
Alab ng puso, Sa dibdib mo’y buhay

Lupang Hinirang, Duyan ka ng Magiting,
Sa manlulupig, ‘Di ka pasisiil.

Sa dagat at bundok, Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
May dilag ang tula, At awit sa paglayang minamahal

Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y, Tagumpay na nagniningning;
Ang bituin at araw niya, Kailan pa ma’y ‘di magdidilim

Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati’t pagsinta, Buhay ay langit sa piling mo,
Aming ligaya, na ‘pag may mang-aapi, Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo.

  1. tranquil says:

    A smart-aleck classmate would add after the final stanza “Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo”, “Pwera Ako!”

  2. lennie says:

    I scolded my daughter when she sang the last line as “Ang mamatay ng may bulak sa ilong.” I told her that this song must not be made
    fun of since this is our national anthem, a hymn which represents our country and must be give due respect.

  3. lennie says:

    it must read: … must be given due respect. sorry, typo error.

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