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In case you are not familiar with Yahoo Answers, it is a little space in cyberspace where people can go visit and ask and answer questions in order to gain and share knowledge.

And in this world, there is an even smaller section that is called Travel Philippines. And you probably have guessed what it is all about. It is about anything and everything about Travelling into this Island Paradise of 7,100+ islands called the Philippines (or the Philippine Islands, PI).

And if you know anything about the native Filipinos, they can talk for hours and hours on end and they talk about anything under the sun. So if you find yourself visiting this section, just expect the unexpected.

Here is a link to this special place:;_ylt=AiosAX.IQpAFfisK7VMfLcYK7RR.;_ylv=3?link=l…

See you there!